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RSB139-A with flex natural fiber

🌲The use of natural fibers in the marine industry continues its growth, given the continuous research and development of products with an increasingly low environmental impact.

The glue spray RSB139-A, is used every day in the construction of hulls with the classic glass and carbon fibers, widely used in most of the world’s shipyards.

Whether you have a fiber to be placed with a very heavy weight, or a very light twill, RSB139-A can be used in all cases having a very high tack but still allowing the repositioning.

Certainly the physical characteristics of these 2 materials are very different from the noble and rediscovered flax fiber, but the need to go towards a more green marine industry is every day stronger.

Special thanks to the team of La Compositi, who actively collaborate in the construction of these boats with FIXTY adhesives.

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